Find the right refrigerator for your business establishment

You can choose between the closed door model or the sliding door model. The refrigerators are large for the sale of drinks, as an exposed, cold product, increases sales by up to 70%. Call us on (34) 3233 - 7805 and find out more about this and other exclusive services for your business establishment.


Practical and fast

This system of soda service is excellent for bars, restaurants and locations with fast food service. It serves up to five types of soda without losing temperature or quality. Efficient and offering great profit opportunities, the Post Mix contributes to space improvement: 1 bag is the equivalent to 7 boxes of soda (KS), in this way reducing space in the stockroom. Call us on (34) 3233 - 7710 and find out more about this and other exclusive services for your business establishment.


Find ice cold sodas anywhere, anytime

Vending Machines complement our mix of equipment, and are adequate for locations such as gas stations, universities, factories, industries and others, where there is no attendant to serve customers a quality, ready-to-drink, ice cold soda. The Vending Machine is an automated sales machine for which the only responsibility you have is to offer a power point. All maintenance, control and refilling will be done by the Uberlândia Refrescos team. Call us on (34) 3233 - 7787 and find out more about this and other exclusive services for your clients.


Everything you need in the universe of beer is here

Our beer tap equipment has had all the necessary technical support since its installation project, from accompaniment to training.  

Since 1999, Kaiser Brewers have held an annual competition which seeks to award the best beer houses in Brazil. This competition is held regionally and various aspects that influence the final quality of the product are evaluated, from storage to the way it is served by the waiters. The competition awards the technical team, waiters, bartenders, the beer house and the owner of the establishment.

Thanks to these incentives, it is has been possible to offer the best beer. We employ the best technology for setting up beer taps in our beer houses, respecting international standards to guarantee the best and coldest beer for our customers.


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