Promoting well-being means taking care of the physical and emotional balance of your team

Uberlândia Refrescos offers initiatives to engage our collaborators in the importance of healthcare as a way of improving their quality of life through healthy habits.

Employee Health Program – EHP

Every year, the company brings in professionals from the health field to promote a complete health check-up, with exams like blood pressure measurements, eye tests, glycemia and cholesterol tests, and flu vaccinations, among others.

Evaluations of the collaborator's health profile are carried out in which weight, height and body mass index (BMI) are measured and health cards are checked.

The SESI Aerobics at Work Program

Aerobics and stretching are carried out weekly in the company. Teachers from the SESI Aerobics at Work Program go to each department of the company and, together with the collaborators, do work aerobics. Once a year a Big Aerobics event is held, where all of our collaborators unite in a fun aerobics session.