Water management is a priority for the company. We have implanted a series of actions to ensure its quality and better efficiency in the use and re-use of this natural resource. The Clean Water Program establishes conservation measures for water resources, which enable us to reduce the consumption of water and minimize the discharge of overflow, promoting efficient usage in all of our system. They are:

Effluent Treatment Station

To guarantee the protection of watershed sources eliminating contamination, Uberlândia Refrescos has a modern Effluent Treatment Station (ETS). It is mixed, or in other words anaerobic and aerobic, automated, and has excellent results on the final effluents. The ETS treats all liquid effluents (processed, industrial and sanitary) from the company before discharging them to the effluents network of the Municipal Department of Water and Sewage.

Water Treatment Station

All the water used at Uberlândia Refrescos comes from semi-artesian wells and municipal supply. After being stored in a reservoir, the water goes on for treatment at the WTS - Water Treatment Station. Uberlândia Refrescos has two water treatment systems:

  • Multiple barriers: The multiple barrier system uses tanks for Flocculation/Coagulation, Chlorination, Filtration, Dechlorination and Final Polishing. 
  • Ultrafiltration: The ultrafiltration system uses membrane filters with pore diameters of 1 to 10 nm which can remove miniscule particles. It is excellent technology for guaranteeing ultrapure water of consistent quality in relation to particles, bacterias and pyrogenics. The ultrafiltration system is more modern, compact and efficient because it has a larger capacity than the multiple barrier system.

After treatment, the water goes on to the production process (factory).