Uberlândia Refrescos has developed a project for the re-use of the water used in the Vacuum pumps and Bottle Rinser (soda production machines). The project enables the decrease of water captation from groundwater and also from the city, minimizing the use of natural resources. More than 8 thousand liters of water are saved per hour.

The International Coastal Cleanup

The company annually carries out activities aimed towards the internal and external public, with the objective of creating awareness among the population about the problem caused by the dumping of debris in seas, rivers, lakes and beaches. The International Coastal Cleanup is an intitative of the NGO The Ocean Conservancy, whose goal is to alert society about the quantity of waste dumped along riverbanks, beaches and lakes, and its consequences. It is placed on the agenda of the Collective Recycling program and has been part of Uberlândia Refresco's calendar of activities since 1994.

World Water Day and World Environment Day

During the weeks when World Water Day and World Environment Day are celebrated we hold internal, and sometimes external activities together with the community, with the intention of propagating and encouraging responsible practices which will contribute to the preservation of the environment, such as garbage separation and recycling. Uberlândia Refrescos also supports actions carried out by public agencies and businesses in our region of activity aimed towards awareness and preservation of the environment.

Separation and recycling

Nowadays the concept of separation and recycling of garbage is undertaken in all of the industry and its units. In all sectors of the company recycling garbage cans are made available. Uberlândia Refrescos reinforces its commitment to the environment and to the improvement of quality of life.