International Standards of Quality


Uberlândia Refrescos follows the strictest standards of quality, safety and integrity in the production of our beverages. Our production lines possess a series of inspection procedures, with electronic equipment which ensures the quality of the drinks produced, and our processes are regularly audited by international regulatory organs for the proof and maintenance of this quality.

Excellence in performance guarantees quality in our processes


Coca-Cola's quality and food safety management model seeks excellence in its performance in a series of activities necessary to guarantee the quality of all of our processes.

This quality management was implanted in 1999, by Uberlândia Refrescos. In 2006, it won an Evolution 3 certification and was also certified in international standard ISO 9001(Quality). Since 2008, we have been implanting food safety management in our work processes, which uses tools to control the dangers and critical points in the manufacture of soft drinks, considering all of the production process. In 2010, Uberlândia Refrescos was certified in standard ISO 22000 and PAS 220 and, in 2013, the updating of the standard led us to another, even wider-reaching certification: the FSSC 22000.