Commitment to produce, bottle and distribute according to strict global standards of quality

Uberlândia Refrescos, like other factories in the company, is strategically located in an important region of the country. Beyonde commercializing products, our concern is with the hydration and nutrition of our cutomers with an ample line of beverages which includes sodas, nectars and juices, energy drinks, teas and water, as well as our Heineken products.


  • Prêmio IEL - Melhores Práticas de Estágio (IEL Award - Best Internship Practice)
  • Prêmio Empresário Herói (Heroic Businessman Award)
  • Prêmio Sustentabilidade Empresarial 2014 (Corporate Sustainability Award)
  • Prêmio Indústria Sustentável 2015 (Sustainable Industry Award)
  • Top Of Mind
  • Prêmio Top 30 - Receita de Sucesso (Top 30 Prize - Recipe for Success)
  • Prêmio Melhores do Ano - Top 100 AITMAP (Best of the Year Award - Top 100 AITMAP)
  • Prêmio Sesi de Qualidade no Trabalho (Sesi Award for Quality at Work)


  • Empresa Cidadã - Uberlândia (Citizenship Company)
  • Amiga da Criança (Friend of Children)
  • Amigo da Juventude (Friend of Young People)
  • Amigos da Cultura (Friend of Culture)

Acknowledgements from Coca-Cola System

The Coca-Cola System also has assessment standards and recognition programs for franchises that develop responsible and sustainable management practices, aligned with the company's sustainability pillars, in addition to excellence in commercial and operational performance.

Among the awards won by Uberlândia Refrescos are the Coca-Cola Quality Award, which recognizes manufacturers with the best performance in quality, environment, occupational health and safety and social responsibility; RED Belt certification 2.0 and 3.0, a market research project that evaluates the market implementation rate of franchises and recognizes the ones that reach more than 80% compliance with the metrics developed by Coca-Cola Brazil; Top 5 Execution Cup, which assesses the five franchises with better performance in market execution, Excellence in People Development in the commercial area by training project for business consultants in Business Mathematics, and the implementation of CokeNet, an online customer service system exclusive to large customers, providing flexibility and convenience in attendance.


These recognitions reinforce the commitment of Uberlândia Refrescos to the continuous improvement of its processes.

A company that cares, looks after and inspires