A space for potentializing talents

The Coca-Cola Collective is a social business, a new and innovative project whose focus is to bring development to poor communities through education. An opportunity is given to young people, from 15 to 25 years of age, to study the retail market and in this way get themselves into the workplace. This initiative increases the young people's self-esteem, improves family relationships, generates employment and income and, consequently, brings development to the community. It is a space for potentializing talents and for the exchange of knowledge.

Retail Collective

Access to knowledge

The Coca-Cola Collective at Uberlândia Refrescos was launched on August 26th of 2011 at the Ação Moradia (Housing Action) institution, an NGO in the city of Uberlândia. After training more than 150 students and placing more than 90 young people from the community in the workplace, the project gained a new partnership in 2013 - with the Refúgio de Amparo e Promoção Humana (Support and Human Promotion Refuge) institution, in the neighborhood Luizote de Freitas. As well as providing access to knowledge and contributing to the professional development of young people, the project also works towards their placement in the workplace.

30% employability

The project gives tools for and teaches the way to professional success. Uberlândia Refrescos, through partnerships with other retail businesses, refers young people to the workplace and also takes them on, reaching a 30% employability rate in the the project.

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Collective Recycling

Stimulating recycling and environmental awareness

The Collective Recycling program is an initiative of the Coca-Cola Brazil Institute carried out by Uberlândia Refrescos and implemented in more than 80 schools in Uberlândia and Uberaba. The program has accumulated acknowledgments for its capacity for social and environmental transformation.

Preparing generations of awareness at school

Teaching children about the importance of garbage separation, recycling and attitudes in favor of the preservation of the environment. The best place for this is at school. Transforming schools into recycling collection spots and, in this way, providing tools and resources for the intellectual development of the students.

Everyone wins

With the implantation of recycling containers in partnering schools, the program encourages the students and community to exchange plastic soda bottles for materials that are useful to the institution, such as: televisions, sound systems, overhead projectors and school and sports supplies, among other items needed for the institution. Through this simple mechanism and other complementary actions, like seminars, games, and awareness materials, the program enables the first steps to be taken towards an awareness of environmental preservation, and everyone wins: the students, the school, society and the environment.