Find out how the world’s most widely-consumed soft drink is made

Uberlândia Refrescos has its doors open to welcome students, clients, customers and all of the local community to show them in a professional and transparent way the quality with which our products are made.

The Open Doors program aims to communicate institutionally about the company, clear up doubts about the production process and concerns for the environment through our socio-environmental projects, and present our visitors with gifts and tastings of the company's products.

To visit the Coca-Cola factory, the only one in Triângulo Mineiro, and find out how the world's most widely-consumed soft drink is made, all you have to do is schedule a visit for your group at "Open Doors". The reservation of the date can be made by the person responsible for the group, who will be committed to the following requirements:

  • you can only bring students from 6 years of age;
  • each group can schedule, at the most, two visits per year;
  • the group must have a maximum of 50 participants;
  • visitors must be accompanied by a responsible adult;
  • the day and time of the visit will be determined according to availability in the Uberlândia Refresco schedule;
  • transport to and from the factory is under the entire responsibility of the person who requested the visit.

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Open Doors Program

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