Information and awareness focused on well-being

These are powerful tools which carry positive change in the self-esteem of the participants and, consequently, increment productivity. This is the focus of the Seed of Life program, which promotes regular seminars and guidance from specialists from diverse fields in moments of fun and integration between participants - collaborators, collaborators' wives and women from the local community.

With each edition, a surprise

The program addresses a different subject in each edition, with specialist professionals invited to deal with subjects relevant to the health and self-esteem of women, with positive reflections for their families.

Accompaniment of Babies – strong support

The program even offers strong support - the Accompaniment of Babies. A nurse and a social assistant from the company, accompanied by the program manager, visit the families of collaborators with newborns to strengthen guidance about caring for the child during their first days of life.

The Goal

To guarantee and improve women's quality of life, especially pregnant women, in this way contributing to the 4th and 5th Goals of the Millennium Development Goals, which are: Reduce Child Mortality and Improve Maternal Health.


Quality of life for women and their families. 
Satisfaction in the company and an increase in productivity.