Exercising solidarity

The Solidary Attitude project came about from the opportunity to bring together the numerous actions and campaigns linked to the voluntary work that Uberlândia Refrescos does and, in this way, promote and intensify awareness about the importance of our collaborators' voluntary work.

Uberlândia Refrescos dedicates numerous days of the year to voluntary activities through our social programs and projects, campaigns and support of different partnering institutions.

Voluntary "Urlação" (Uberlândia Refrescos Volunteer Program)

Special action

Every year Uberlândia Refrescos and its volunteering collaborators organize an action so that the volunteering collaborators can exercise solidarity by contributing to a project which will benefit a chosen institution. The project is defined together with the institution to be benefited so that it can meet their needs.

Donation, integration and fraternization

Fundraising campaigns (of clothes, food, books, toys, etc.) are held according to the definition of the project to be carried out in the institution. On the day of delivery, the volunteers organize a big fraternization with the people receiving the donations to celebrate the work done or the launch of the project that was developed.

V Day

V Day is a program of the Fiemg System's Council of Business Citizenship, which is part of Uberlândia Refresco's annual calendar through socio-environmentally responsible actions with the participation of collaborators and the support of the company's partners.