On January, 13, the launch of the new Coca-Cola packaging (Coca-Cola Stevia, Coca Zero Açúcar) took place at Uberlândia Refrescos headquarters and at the Distribution Center; In the two units were lectures on the sales approach and marketing of this product, by Coca-Cola Brazil Market Development Manager, Fabio Ruiz and Jorge Cantarelli, Business and Marketing Manager of Uberlândia Refrescos.

The launch was attended by the employees of the company and was fundamental to the understanding of the new concept that consists of the change of the packaging and the new flavor of Coca-Cola zero sugar. According to the managers, the proposal is to work on the issue related to choices and, from there, to satisfy various palates.

With a new design, Coca-Cola’s packaging, whether original, with Stevia and 50% less sugar and zero sugar, came with standardized strategies in the market, aiming to please the consumer public and increase sales.

The structure of the event was very well elaborated and orchestrated focusing on at an inviting environment, where the employees could understand the changes and share their perceptions about the novelty.

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