On February 1, Uberlândia Refrescos with the Great Place To Work (GPTW) statement, certifying it with the seal of great company to work with. Therefore, a survey was carried out with the employees of Uberlândia Refrescos. One thousand collaborators were selected by GPTW to answer 64 closed questions and two open questions, from January 16 to 31.

The employees considered the company a great working environment. With this, a production company 84 in the survey, thus being certified.
For the president of Uberlândia Refrescos, Alexandre Biagi, the result is a reflection of the employee’s feeling. “A survey of the Great Place To Work identifies and recognizes issues with good work environments and see the proven from our workforce and very gratifying.”


With a valid search once it is certified. In addition to becoming fit for the competitor in the ranking of Best Companies to Work For.

According to Superintendent of Uberlândia Refrescos, Sérgio Gallo, the timing is very timely for a news indicates us in a positive way in the results of our activities. “Certifying that Uberlândia Refrescos is a great place to work gives us the courage and strength to go further and this is part of the company’s DNA. The intention is that this result also places us in the ranking of Best Companies to Work for”, says Sérgio.