Effective measures guaranteeing the protection of the collaborator

Having in sight the safety and well-being of all and the constant work for awareness about safety measures and work accident prevention, events and actions are carried out within the company.


Training modules have been developed for some collaborators who have become multipliers of information about safety at work for their teams. This process has allowed the direction of accident prevention practices to be transferred to all, concentrating on Environment and Occupational Health and Safety.


cofre-arquitetura-industria_~u13008354An Internal Accident Prevention Committee - IAPC - works towards the prevention of accidents through observation, reports and the solicitation of measures for the reduction, neutralization and even elimination of risky conditions in the work environment. It also guides collaborators in accident prevention, along with other possible problems.


The team at SSWSM - Specialized Service in Work Safety and Medicine - has the mission of monitoring all needs in this field. Weekly visits are carried out to each of the sectors of the factory in order to verify compliance with all of the safety requirements. They also have the job of carrying out training and evaluation meetings about reported observations, not only to gain safety and prevention knowledge, but also to keep up motivation and commitment to such principles.

Through the Zero Accident Program, Uberlândia Refrescos works towards the collaborators' awareness of safe behavior, monitors risks and controls the indicators of work accidents. As a result of this work, the company has become a benchmark within the Coca-Cola System.