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The businessman Maurílio Biagi, an Italian immigrant, installed a factory of the Coca-Cola Refrescos Ipiranga S.A. franchise in the city of Uberlândia.


Growing sales and the perception of a more promising market made it possible for Maurílio to establish Uberlândia Refrescos, the first and even the only Coca-Cola industry in the interior of Minas Gerais.


The management of the company was handed over to Alexandre Lacerda Biagi, one of Maurílio's sons, who is still president today.


Implementation of SAP (Systemanalyse and Program- mentwicklung), one of the best technological solutions for business in the world.


A modern and sustainable production line has been acquired that has tripled the filling capacity of PET bottles, optimizing production. Beside that, expansion of the Water Treatment Station in the Ultrafiltration model. Important investments also in its fleet of vehicles and the implementation of the Distribution Center, an exclusive area for the company's logistics.



A study by IT Mídia has positioned Uberlândia Refrescos among the 100+ innovators in the use of Information Technology.


A year of many achievements. Uberlândia Refrescos received from the Coca-Cola System the RED Belt certification, maximum recognition for performance in RED (Right Execution Daily) processes, with more than 80% compliance with the metrics developed by the System. In the same year, the company ranked among the top 5 franchises in the country in the market - TOP 5. Besides, it received the Coca-Cola Brazil Quality Award, first among franchises, for performance in quality management, environment, Occupational safety and health and social responsibility, and became a reference in the security management program, PAZ (Zero Accident Program).


Once again recognized by the Coca-Cola System, being awarded the 2nd place of the Quality Award, for its management aligned with the sustainability pillars of the company, the GCE Awards, for the implementation of consumer service systems, and Best commercial execution development project, which includes training in business math for business consultants. The company was also recognized again by FIEMG Vale do Paranaíba, with two Corporate Sustainability awards, one for its Source Protection Program and another for its management report, in the large company category.


The company shows maturity of its management system with the 1st place in the 2015 Quality Award from Coca-Cola Brazil, having been evaluated in 63 indicators among 43 Brazilian factories. It also renews its public acknowledgments, such as Citizen Company Stamp from CDL, Child Friendly from Abrinq, and FIEMG Sustainable Industry Award.


Once again won the 1st place in the Quality Award of Coca-Cola Brazil. It was recognized again by business management and sustainability, through the Industrial Sustainability Award 2016 (by FIEMG), the CDL Recognition Award through the Social Responsibility category and the Abrinq Foundation, recognition with the Child Friendly Company Title.