• Dos Equis
  • Birra Moretti
  • Murphy’s Irish Red
  • Gold
  • Edelweiss
  • Desperados 355ml Desperados 355ml

Heineken Imports

These are the greatest beers from different parts of the world which were precisely selected by HEINEKEN Brazil. That's why there is no better way to sum up this brand than as "beers which unite the world".

Packaging: 355 ml | 473 ml

Flavors: Birra Moretti, Dos Equis, Edelweiss, Kaiser Gold, Amstel and Murphys

  • Xingu 350ml
  • Xingu Taça


Dark, medium-bodied, with an engaging flavor and creamy froth, Xingu is a premium beer that offers a perfect balance between sweet and bitter.

Packaging: 350 ml | 355 ml | glass

Flavors: Sweet Stout

Official website: www.cervejaxingu.com.br

  • Heineken 350ml
  • Heineken 355ml
  • Heineken 600ml
  • Heineken Barril de Chopp 5 litros


Heineken has a distinctive flavor, full of personality, is the "number 1" beer in Europe and is winning over more and more Brazilians who really know how to appreciate a good beer.

Packaging: 350 ml | 355 ml | 600 ml | 5 L | glass

Flavors: Lager

Official website: www.heineken.com.br

  • Bavaria 350ml
  • Bavaria 473ml
  • Bavaria 600ml
  • Bavaria Premium 350ml
  • Bavaria Premium 355ml
  • Bavaria Premium 600ml
  • Bavaria Sem Álcool 350ml
  • Bavaria Sem Álcool 355ml


The official beer for the best rodeos in Brazil, it has low fermentation, medium-strength alcohol and a light and refreshing flavor. You can also enjoy our Premium version.

Packaging: 350 ml | 473 ml | 600 ml

Flavors: Pielsen, Premium and Non-Alcoholic

Official website: www.bavaria.com.br

  • Kaiser Radler 250ml
  • Kaiser Radler 350ml
  • Kaiser 600ml
  • Kaiser Chopp
  • Kaiser 350ml
  • Kaiser 473ml
  • Kaiser 335ml
  • Kaiser 4 litros
  • Kaiser Gold 335ml


Manufactured by the Heineken Brewery, Kaiser has the best combination of aromatic hops, crystal clear water and selected malts. Now that's how you make a beer.

Packaging: 350 ml | 355 ml | 473 ml | 600 ml | 5 L | glass

Flavors: Pielsen, Beer, Draft, Special

Official website: www.kaiser.com.br

  • Sol Shot
  • Sol 350ml


With its balanced flavors and thick and creamy froth, Sol is smooth and consistent in texture, perfect for enjoying with a group of friends.

Packaging: 350 ml | 355 ml | 600 ml

Flavors: Pielsen and Premium