Is it bad to mix Coca-Cola with Mentos?

This phenomenom doesn’t happen only with Coca-Cola. Sparkling water, sparkling wine and other soft drinks will cause the same. The intensity will depend on product characteristics and the respective amout of gas. Speaking a little in terms of science: in carbonated beverages the carbon gas (CO2) is in balance with the liquid and can be affected in many way, like a simple shake. Since the CO2 is distributed in the liquid’s body, any substance that bring a little distress to this balance will expel the gas very rapidly. Mentos is heavier that the soda, so it reaches the base and makes a mess with the CO2 from the bottom to the top, congesting the top layers causing a quick imbalance with the immediate release of the gas, throwing the liquid out.

This phenomenom is a result of the destabilisation of the gas that happens under a domino effect. It’s going to be more intense in diet products because they have less body, making it easier for the escape of the gas. The size of the bottleneck also counts, because the narrower that it is more strong is going to be the blast. Now you must be wondering: “what if I eat the candy and drink soda?”. Most of the gas is lost during mouth contact and intake. A person with normal habits that eats Mentos and drinks a fizzy drink will never go under similiar conditions.

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