Uberlândia Refrescos is awarded with the 2019 Conecta Award of Sustainability

The company placed first in the ‘Large companies’ category

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26 June 2020 - 14:20

In September 19th, 2020, Uberlândia Refrescos was awarded with the first place at the 2019 Conecta Award of Sustainability. The 2nd edition of Conecta Vale do Aço was attended by 500 people and it offered talks, panels, round tables discussions and company stands.

The award recognizes initiatives that contribute to the sustainable development and impact the increased competition among companies. To compete in the award, the companies sined up their projects according to the rules and were running in three categories: micro and small companies, medium companies and large companies.

Uberlândia Refrescos competed for the award with the project “Uberlândia Refrescos + Sustainability Leed Platinum Certification”, that ensures the responsible consumption of water and energy resources. Click here to learn more about our Leed Platinum certifications.

According to Uberlândia Refrescos’ Quality and Environment Assurance manager Adão Filho, the award was another recognition that the company is in the right path with sustainability and environmental responsibility. “We were very happy with the win because it certifies our effort, dedication and collective concern about the Earth resources. And it is also a boost for us to continue to work on our environmental projects”, says Filho.

The company has a culture of constant improving its processes and one of them is with sustainability as key. For exemple, the efficient and responsible consumption of water having self-sufficiency as the main goal. Uberlândia Refrescos has a modern Effluent Treatment Station and all of the treated water is used locally in irrigation and bathroom flushes. The company also has a rainwater catchment and storage system that is used locally as well.

Through investments in water technologies the company installed metals and sanitary wares with low water flow in the toilets that, together with smart triggering and dry urinals in men’s restrooms, helps with rationalization. The company still has a Grey Water Treatment Station that catches effluents from showers and sinks that later are used in irrigation and toilet flush. All of this technologies ensures the “Zero Water” title, wich means that the company is self-sufficient in water.