Uberlândia Refrescos is one of the Best Companies to Work in 2019 by GPTW

Uberlândia Refrescos occupies the 63rd position in the Great Place To Work Brasil ranking.

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26 June 2020 - 14:15

In August 2019 Uberlândia Refrescos was recognised as one of the Best Companies to Work by Great Place To Work Brasil (GPTW). The ranking awards 150 companies and Uberlândia Refrescos holds the 63rd position in the “large company” category.

“Is impressive how work relations make a direct impact in the life of our employees. Investing in a pleasant work environment, with flexibility and tied with their individual values are key points to be a Great Company to Work”, says Uberlândia Refrescos Human Talents manager Wanderleia Silva.

According to Silva, the constant changes demand regular follow-ups and innovatios from the humans resources department. “We know that a satisfied employee adds to 10% more in its performance and that requires a great deal of effort from us. But the outcome is really gratifying and investing in people is always the best option”, she concluded.

Get no know the process:

To be a part of the ranking, Uberlândia Refrescos signed up at GPTW and went through a certification. After 30 days it was presented a report with the organizational and cultural profile of the company (a demonstration of the people management practices).

GPTW then classifies the companies taking these reports in consideration. The main goal is to share good examples and stimulate other companies to improver their work environment.