Uberlândia Refrescos opens new syrup unit

The structure is going to manufacture Del Valle Frut and Fresh juices.

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26 June 2020 - 14:17

In February 13, 2020, Uberlândia Refrescos opened a new syrup unit to manufacture Grape Del Valle Frut 450ml juices. The structure is also eqquiped for the production of sodas. The new unit is going to decreased beverage production time and process losses, and is also going to improve control, traceability and system variables monitoring.

The employees will have access to a new modern and heated room with a work environment that suits all of the labor and food safety standards.

The new unit is also a sustainable building. The LED lighting decreases energy consumption and there are sight glasses to allow natural lighting passage and an automated temperature control system. The automatic doors provide easy access and cleansing.

As for the storage capacity, the new unit has four tanks: one with 18.000 L, 12.000 L and two more with 6.000 L. Besides that, it will benefit the final syrup mixture efficiency and reduce manual processes, since all product transportation to the production line is going to be made automatically.